Reggie Jackson: The greatest clutch hitter of all time

When you talk about clutch hitters and World Series heroes, even the most tight lipped sports fan can’t help but shout out the name “Reggie Jackson”. Reggie’s first brush of clutch hitting happened when he played for the Oakland A’s in the 1970s. Reggie dazzled fans and his opponents by hitting .310 in the 1973 World Series, which he earned MVP honors of the fall classic. Jackson topped his 1973 performance in 1977 by hitting three home runs during game six of the 1977 World Series while playing for the Yankees, something only done by Babe Ruth. Actually Jackson hit four consecutive home runs in that 1977 World Series. In game five, in his last at-bat, Jackson hit a home run, making it four straight home runs. Something no player has ever done.

I bet he didn’t use steroids either…

– The Wanna Be-Sports Guy