Of all the “sports” that make it to the airwaves, few are more boring than fishing. Now, I love fishing. In fact, I’m planning to go once I’m done writing this article. But really, except for the cool underwater camera (How do they do that, anyway?) there’s not a lot to get excited about.

However, all is not lost. With a few modifications, I think that this sports has the potential to produce TV gold. Here are a few of my suggestions:

Make the boats leak
That’s right. It’s really not fair that the fish are powerless over being drug up into out world, while the anglers are permanently secure above the water. With a few carefully placed breaches, and a nifty bailing system (i.e. a bucket), thing could get very interesting, very quickly.

All live bait
Come on. I want to see these guys put a real worm on a hook, or stick their hand into a bucket of leeches. That’s fishing as most of us know it- none of this damn artificial bait nonsense.

Or, at least, severely limited gas rations. These men have it way too easy, speeding around wherever they please. I want to see them paddle for it!

Paintball guns
Yeah, you read that right. I want each boat to be armed with a paintball gun, so the fishermen can take potshots at each other.

Dangerous prey
This is, by far, the best idea I’ve had today. I want to see these guys go after barracuda and muskellunge! That’s right. I want to see them handling a lionfish (with paramedics standing by, of course), and maybe venture into the water in search of giant man-swallowing groupers! Even moray eels and sea bass would provide some awesome entertainment. Maybe even a blue ringed octopus or the dangerously named surgeonfish. Then, of course, I’d like to see them prepare a nice recipe with each!