Nike tries to get a piece of the World cup moolah

The new World Cup ad produced by Nike is one the greatest soccer commercials ever and quite possibly one of the best sports ad’s of all-time. Nike’s soccer commercial is exciting, engaging and dramatic. Commercial writer-director Alejandro Gonzales Inarritu made sure you enjoyed it. The commercial also has a mixture of elements that don’t directly deal with soccer, however it somehow heightens the drama and flair of such a well put masterpiece.

The three-minute ad features some of the world’s best soccer players. Cristiano Ronaldo, Landon Donavan and Ronalddinho graced the commercial with brilliant showcases of their seemingly easy ways of making their opponent look bad. Then the scene shifts to Los Angeles where Kobe makes a shot at the buzzer and does a soccer move. Roger Federer plays pingpong and even Homer Simpson makes a guest appearance.

Nike’s World Cup commercial has set the standard for all sports ads. It has glamour and glitz but also it has a down-to-earth feel. You can catch a man standing outside his trailer looking at a soccer billboard or a group of men watching the game at a barbershop.

Nike’s vice president for brand and category management Trevor Edwards has said that the ad was one of the best Nike commercials ever.