Pro Wrestling: The Drinking Game (adult version)

For many of us, professional wrestling is a guilty pleasure. Sure, we know the outcome is predetermined. But it’s the pageantry, the spectacle, and the athletic talent of the in-ring performers which keeps us coming back for more. For those who find it to be an abhorrence, I’ve come up with a way to inject a little life into the viewing experience. Behold, the WannaBeSportsGuy’s very own Professional Wrestling Drinking Game.

So gather round, kiddies, and pop in one of those old VHS’s you and your cousins kept squirrled away in the closet. Or just search “WWE” or “TNA” on Netflix, and have a DVD sent your way. While it may kill all those brain cells you’ve worked so hard to save, it’s sure to be a hell of a time.

One drink: (Pick only two of these before the game starts)

Every time a side headlock is applied.
Every time a wrestler goes to the outside of the ring.
Whenever an announcer uses the word “vintage” to describe a maneuver or a wrestler’s mannerisms.
Anytime a video promo plays.

Two drinks…

Every time a turnbuckle is uncovered, exposing the steel beneath.

Choose a friend to drink one…

Every time a a wrestler blatantly cheats or an outside party interferes with the match.

Choose a friend to drink two…

When a wrestler strikes another with a foreign object, such as a baseball bat, ladder, or chair.

Punch your neighbor on the shoulder…

Every time a wrestler bleeds.

Finish You Drink…

Whenever the referee is knocked unconscious.

Now, this isn’t a game to be played with hard alcohol. At least, not unless you want to feel like you’ve slept with a pair of wrestling tights over your forehead. But, if you’re a fan of good liquor (like I am), then you could easily substitute one of the two-drink incidents for a shot of something a little stronger.