Month: July 2010

Boxers like Sugar too

The original “Sugar” of boxing is Sugar Ray Robinson. Robinson is often spoken of as pound for pound, the best boxer in history. Robinson was 85-0 as an amateur with 69 of those victories coming by way of knockout. 40 of his amateur knockouts occurred in the first round. Sugar Ray Robinson turned professional in […]

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Strange Golf Facts: Bomb splinters, Geritol, and Cows

Abe Lemons won a bottle of Geritol at the Golf and Country Club tournament in Frederick, OK. Ian Baker-Finch won a cow in the 1988 Bridgestone/Aso Open. He sold the cow back for $5000. During World War II, golfers who played in Britain were asked to collect bomb and shell splinters to prevent causing damage […]

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Steve Trachsel: The Human Rain Delay

Umpires and baseball officials have been trying to speed up the game since the midway part of our century. As the American attention span shortens, players are encouraged to move along quickly, taking less time to prepare and increasing the pace of play. But for as long as the arbitrators have been trying to quicken […]

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Golf: How’d you get your nickname?

Tank: K.J. Choi, the first Korean-born golfer to earn a PGA tour card was a powerful weight lifter before he was a golfer. He could squat 350 pounds when he was 13 years old. The Desert Fox: Johnny Millier earned his nickname after winning the Tuscan Open three years in a row. He won the […]

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