Golf: How’d you get your nickname?

Tank: K.J. Choi, the first Korean-born golfer to earn a PGA tour card was a powerful weight lifter before he was a golfer. He could squat 350 pounds when he was 13 years old.

The Desert Fox: Johnny Millier earned his nickname after winning the Tuscan Open three years in a row. He won the Tuscan Open 1974, 1975, 1976.

El Nino: Sergio Garcia earned the nickname El Nino from fellow golfer Jose Manuel Lara. Jose said Sergio “was rushing around the course like a hurricane.”

Skeech: Golf legend Nancy Lopez was given the name Skeech by a friend because of her constantly “laying strips of rubber with her car.”

Ohio Fats: In his early days of playing golf, Jack Nicklaus was called Ohio Fats (he is from Columbus, Ohio). However, Australian golf writer Don Lawrence thought the young Nicklaus looked like a Golden Bear and started calling him Golden Bear, the nickname most people know him by.

– The Wanna-be Sports Guy