Strange Golf Facts: Bomb splinters, Geritol, and Cows

  • Abe Lemons won a bottle of Geritol at the Golf and Country Club tournament in Frederick, OK.
  • Ian Baker-Finch won a cow in the 1988 Bridgestone/Aso Open. He sold the cow back for $5000.
  • During World War II, golfers who played in Britain were asked to collect bomb and shell splinters to prevent causing damage to the mowing machines.
  • In the 1500s, James IV of England became addicted to golfing. For a brief time, golf wear was the very formal wear of “lord” and “lady” golfers.
  • While playing in a tournament in South Africa, Sam Snead was attacked and bitten by an ostrich. He sat out two weeks of golfing because of it.
  • Navy Lieutenant George M. Prior had a nervous habit of chewing golf tees while he played. One day he chewed on the wrong tee and ingested a lethal dose of Daconil. Daconil is a fungicide sprayed on a golf course where he had previously played.

– The Wanna-be Sports Guy