How to Choose the Shoes for Lacrosse

As a lacrosse player, it is always important to have the right footwear. With the wrong lacrosse cleats, you risk hurting yourself and having a hard time making the right moves.

Now, there are certain factors that matter when choosing shoes for lacrosse. This way, you avoid spending money on lacrosse cleats that ruin your performance in the game. These factors include:


This is about the construction of the shoe. As you try out different brands at the store, ensure you feel great wearing the shoe. An important comfort issue is cushioning. It should be thick enough to absorb shock thus protecting your feet from harm.


A good lacrosse cleat should not be too tight or too loose. It should snugly hold on to your feet. With a tight fitting shoe, you risk getting blisters as you run. Loosely fitting shoes affect your performance. It may cost your team a crucial score. Therefore, go for cleats that are not too tight or too loose, but fit well. This gives your feet room to breathe.


Breathability is about ventilation in the cleats. Go for shoes with meshed sections, as they allow air in keeping you comfortable. Breathable cleats prevent sweating which may cause your feet to slide inside the shoes. Besides, sweating can cause health conditions.


You can buy either leather or synthetic lacrosse cleats. Each of them has strengths and weaknesses. For leather, it is highly breathable compared to the synthetic one. However, synthetic cleats are lightweight and last longer. The choice lies with you.


This has to do with how tall the shoes are. There are three options: low, mid and high cleats. Mid ones are always the best at any time. Low shoes are great if you are the type of player that is swift. They make it easier and more comfortable for you to run and make the right turns at the right time. They promote maneuverability. High cleats on the other hand boast of offering your feet support and protection from injuries.

Toe area

It is about how safe your toes are when playing. First, ensure that the lacrosse cleats you are buying have a reinforced toe area. This way, they absorb any kind of shock from other players and keep your toes as safe as possible. The toe area should also be flexible to make your feet flexible in the field.


Once you identify shoes with the right height and toe area, the midsole is the next factor to look at. It holds a large part of your foot. Therefore, ensure it is stiff and well cushioned to prevent injury and offer adequate support.


The construction of the outsole is very important when buying lacrosse shoes. Good shoes keep you steady during the game and prevent slips. Ensure you look at the studs on the outsole. If you play on natural grass, go for molded studs that can easily maneuver through the moisture and little mad. If you play on artificial grass then consider getting cleats with shorter studs.

With the discussed factors in mind, it is easier making a decision at the lacrosse cleats store. You will be able to choose the right shoes that will give you a good time when playing.

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