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Billy Earle: Baseball’s Creepiest Character

From Randy Johnson’s wild glare to Andy Pettite’s unnerving stare from beneath the low brim of his cap, aggressive eyes have become an effective weapon in the arsenal of today’s baseball players. But they are not the inventors of such a tool, nor is it exclusive to the men on the mound. In fact, the […]

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Vince Coleman and the Carnivorous Tarp

Steam rollers, laundry presses, and paper machines… each of these boast a large roller capable of pressing a man as flat as a pancake. Most of them are found in factories, surrounded by warning labels and safety precautions. But, as Vince Coleman once discovered, there is another apparatus which can do nearly as much damage. […]

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Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich swap wives

Wife Swap is more than an entertaining show produced by the ABC network… A public wife swap happened about 35 years ago involving two young Yankee prospects, Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich. In 1973, these two players made headlines when they moved in with each other and swapped wives. The unexpected news traveled faster than […]

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